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Six Spears

A smiling, dark haired man is lying on a bed opposite a grinning baby. The baby has a grip on his finger and a tattoo on his bicep reads, Lover of my soul.

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Dear Author,

I’ve been a very happy man for the past six years, but my partner left me right after our baby was born. That’s us in the picture.

While I love my son/daughter, I feel like I lost a part of me, like I could never open myself again to someone who isn’t a kid. Even if I did, how many men want to have a kid with a twenty-four-year-old kindergarten teacher?

Please, dear author, show me how true love is supposed to be!



Tags: phone sex, sweet, men with children, teacher, accountant, hurt/comfort, illness, slow burn
Word count: 49,956

This story is dedicated to “Anna” whose prompt stretched my boundaries of creativity, and brought me out of my dark self.

A special thank you to my beta readers; Anke, Vicki and Seiran. Without your encouraging words I’m not sure I would have ever been happy with this. I would also like to thank Jen and her faithful helpers. Without them there would be no event to write for.

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