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A tall, dark-haired, young man has pulled down his leather pants in a bathroom and is frantically splashing water over his legs. The image is a gif of Ross from the show Friends.

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Dear Author,

My boyfriend and I have always played it safe, but recently we’ve tried to experiment with some of the more extreme aspects of the sexual realm. Well, extreme for us. Unfortunately, things haven’t always gone our way. We’re both a little awkward and geeky, but we like to flirt with “danger” (as long as it’s safe). For instance, our scene with chains turned into a giggle-fest because they were too cold. And don’t even get me started on what happened when we tried exhibitionism.

Now, here I am trying to get into my brand new leather pants because I’m supposed to be playing the role of Dom, while my boyfriend is all tied up in the bedroom. I can’t exactly go out there like this.

Please help us find our way in this brave new world, but make sure we have fun along the way.

***I envision this story describing some interesting scenes where these two figure out what “does” work for them. However, I’m pretty open for anything. You can make this as wild or tame as you like as long as it keeps a certain level of comedic charm. These two are in love and trust each other, so I don’t have any issues if they want to try a threesome (or more) or other playfulness. But mostly, you can just take this in any direction you want. Have fun!


Lisa T

Tags: chef, firemen, geeks/nerds, humorous, hurt/comfort, injury, cross-dressing, spanking, BDSM
Content Warnings: one chatty brat, topping from the bottom
Word Count: 20,133

I’d like to thank a few people who made this story possible. First, LisaT, for thinking up this great prompt. I knew it was meant for me as soon as I read it. Thanks Lisa, I hope you enjoy Evan and Julien as much as I enjoyed writing them. To Michelle, my friend and beta who’s edited my fics, offered ideas and support since I first started down this road of writing. To Debbie McGowan, Alicia Nordwell, and Gillian St. Kevern who gave IAFYDS a thorough going-over and helped make it a better story. To my friend, Jeanine, for giving IAFYDS a final read through to make sure everything sounded A-Okay.

Thanks to the members of the Love’s Landscapes Authors Support Group, who answered questions and gave encouragement when my muse decided to take a temporary hiatus. A huge thank you goes to the mods and volunteers of Love’s Landscapes for creating and organizing such an awesome event that has captured so many readers’ and writers’ imaginations. To all you readers, who will read this story, thank you for taking the time to do so.

Finally, the last thank you goes to my Muse. For without her inspiration, this story would have never been written.

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