LHNB Anthology Volume 2 ♥

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Vol 2

Table of Contents

#FIRST IMPRESSIONS #SECOND CHANCES by Heidi Belleau 13,125 Words (contemporary/coming of age)

BREATHING SNOW by Dev Bentham 15,163 Words (contemporary/sports/coming out)

DAVIN’S GUARD by Mandy Beyers 5,401 Words (contemporary/sports)

STRAIGHT MEN CAN’T COOK by Anna Birmingham 9,434 Words (contemporary/friends to lovers)

TAKEN: A NORTHMAN’S SAGA by Brannan Black 14,358 Words (fantasy/barbarians)

WORTHY by Lia Black 47,216 Words (dystopia, master/slave)

STALKING DREAMS by Leta Blake 9,987 Words (contemporary, hurt/comfort)

CREST RIDGE VACATION by A.L. Boyd 7,784 Words (contemporary, sweet no sex)

PLAYING THE FIELD by Penny Brandon 8,021 Words (contemporary, coming out)

FLOATING ON AIR by Aimee Brissay 3,306 Words (contemporary/BDSM)

THE CANDIDATES by Bette Browne 17,293 Words (contemporary/rivals to lovers)

MAKING A LITTLE WRONG INTO SOMETHING RIGHT by LL Bucknor 13,274 Words (contemporary/blue collar)

ARES PURPOSE by H.A. Caine 4,031 Words (contemporary/sweet no sex)

REDESIGNING OLD DREAMS by Dana Cavallon 14,007 Words (contemporary/friends to lovers)

HEART IN A BOTTLE by Wendy Clements 13,203 Words (historical/time travel/magic)

AN INTREPID TRIP TO LOVE by Charlie Cochet 34,449 Words (shifters/humorous/family drama)

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