LL Anthology Volume 10 ♥

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Volume 10-PDF

Table of Contents

Lost and Found by Eileen Griffin
(paranormal, cat-shifters, hurt/comfort, m/m/m)

Love the Little Guys by M.E. Sanford
(contemporary, flamboyant characters, effeminate top, HFN)

Love’s First Kiss by Jambrea Jo Jones
(contemporary, established couple, geek, sweet/no sex)

Mad Passion by Naaju Rorrete
(contemporary, enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort, sexual repression, family)

Making it Work by Cari Z.
(contemporary, age gap, friends to lovers, slow burn/UST)

Man of the Match by Lane Swift
(contemporary, barely legal, first time, coming of age, sports)

Marketing Beef by Rick Bettencourt
(contemporary, humor, tender, journal, betrayal)

Mating Balance by Gina A. Rogers and Kyle Adams
(paranormal, shapeshifter, funny, dark, mates)

Meant to Be by Rawiya
(contemporary, interracial, homophobia, racism, coming out)

Meridian by Gabbo de la Parra
(alternate universe, futuristic, fugitives, sex industry)

Metronomy by Suki Fleet
(historical, paranormal, action/adventure, friends to lovers)

A Million Truths by MC Houle
(contemporary, coming out, geeks/nerds, friends to lovers)

More Than He Can See by Nicole Forcine
(contemporary, disability, twink, sweet)

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