LL Anthology Volume 13 ♥

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Volume 13-PDF

Table of Contents

Raising Cade by Jonathan Penn
(contemporary, age gap, hurt/comfort, prostitution graphic violence, rape, PTSD)

Randy’s Ghost by William Tate
(science fiction, time travel, scientist, amnesia, drug use, mild violence)

The Raven’s Luck by Laylah Hunter
(urban fantasy, cyberpunk, 2 alpha-males, elves, graphic violence)

The Scent of Hope by Summer Devon
(historical, Victorian era, prison, rescue, HFN)

Science and Fiction by Ray Van Fox and Jordan S. Brock
(science fiction, military man, scientist, mated/bonded)

A Second Chance for Three by Christa Tomlinson
(contemporary, menage m/m/m, friends to lovers, hurt/comfort)

The Shopping Mall Massacre by Erica Pike
(post-apocalyptic, zombies, sweet/no sex, survival, coming of age, HFN, graphic violence)

Silver Embers by Becca Finn
(science fiction, fantasy, magic users, enemies to lovers, humorous)

Soaring Past Death by Morticia Knight
(dystopian, science fiction, futuristic/post-apocalyptic, BDSM, age gap, torture, graphic violence)

Somebody Nice! by Raine O’Tierney
(contemporary, coming out, first time, law enforcement, librarians)

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