LL Anthology Volume 2 ♥

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Volume 2-PDF

Table of Contents

Ashes of Life by Andrew Q. Gordon
(fantasy, swords and sorcery, bonded)

The Assassin of Laurentium by Clodia Metelli
(fantasy, BDSM, bodyguard, HFN)

Assassin’s Love by Sammy Goode
(historical, assassin, mute main character)

Awakenings by Jayson James
(contemporary, college, gay for you)

Because of You by Penny Brandon
(contemporary, gay for you, friend to lovers)

Before You Go by Vicktor Alexander
(contemporary, friends to lovers, hardcore BDSM)

Better Than New by Charley Descoteaux
(contemporary, friends to lovers, disabilities)

The Bigger They Are by Kim Alan
(contemporary, BDSM, multiple partners)

Billie Jean by Al Stewart and Claire Davis
(contemporary, law enforcement, hurt/comfort, references to past abuse)

Bird Meets Cage by Anyta Sunday
(historical 20th century, age gap, circus, reunited)

Blaze of Glory by Jeff Erno
(contemporary, PTSD, service dogs)

Blood in the Water by Tami Veldura
(historical fantasy, pirates, demons/spirits, HFN)

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