LL Anthology Volume 3 ♥

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Volume 3-PDF

Table of Contents

The Blood Legion: Oracle by Ashlyn Daube
(fantasy, young adult, adventure, sweet/no sex)

Bonded by Sara York
(contemporary, light BDSM, ménage, hurt/comfort, description of past self-harm: cutting)

The Book & The Rose by Douglas Glen
(contemporary, in the closet, men with children, graphic violence)

Bound by Amelia Bishop
(contemporary, BDSM, disabilities, grief, hurt/comfort)

Bright Water, Dark Sky by Augusta Li
(science fiction/futuristic, space travel/exploration, tentacles, mermen-ish)

Broken Phoenix by Edmond Manning
(fantasy, phoenix, magic, humor)

Bromance to Romance by Elizabeth Daniels
(contemporary, friends to lovers, slow burn/UST non-explicit sex)

Budding Love by Adara O’Hare
(science fiction. tentacle sex, ménage, m-preg, HFN, dub-con)

Busted by Sofia Grey
(contemporary, gay for you, athlete, hint of kink)

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