LL Anthology Volume 5 ♥

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Volume 5-PDF

Table of Contents

Consorting with Dragons by Sera Trevor
(fantasy, humor, age gap, non-explicit)

Contrary Instincts by Ava Penn
(fantasy, Viking/Celt/Barbarian, first time, hurt/comfort, incest)

The Court of Lightning by Amy Rae Durreson
(fantasy, action/suspense/adventure, magic users, sweet/some sex)

Cruel to be Kind by Kim Dare
(paranormal, vampire, BDSM, friends to lovers)

Cup of Tea and a Few Broken Rules by C.C. Jaz
(contemporary, hurt/comfort, enemies to lovers, men with pets)

Dance of Memory by R.L. Robinson
(historical, fantasy, royalty, sweet/no sex, homophobia)

Dance with Me by Suzanne Simon
(contemporary, sweet/no sex, friends to lovers, dancing)

Dancing for Diamond by K-lee Klein
(contemporary, sweet, non-explicit, slow burn, disabilities)

Dare by Matthias Williamson
(contemporary, rivals to lovers, drug use, HFN, rape, watersports/non-consensual)

A Dark Love Story by Jonathan Treadway
(contemporary, law enforcement, homophobia, dark, graphic violence; past child abuse)

Displaced by Sofia Grey
(paranormal, exile, family issues, homophobia, immortal)

Dogwatch by Kiernan Kelly
(historical, action/adventure, sailors, Korean conflict, some violence)

Don’t Name the Puppy by R.D. Hero
(contemporary, barely legal, first time, friends to lovers)

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