LL Anthology Volume 6 ♥

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Volume 6-PDF

Table of Contents

Dreaming of Fire by J.J. Cassidy
(fantasy, mythical creatures, magic users, soulmates/bonded, non-wolf shifters)

The Dreams You Made in the Dirt by Lisa Henry
(contemporary, hurt/comfort, age gap, violence)

Elevation by Jenna Jones
(contemporary, security/guard, rich playboy, mental illness/depression of secondary character)

Expect the Unexpected by Lou Sylvre
(contemporary, friends to lovers, gay for you, voyeurism)

Exposed by Bette Browne
(contemporary, gay for you, cross-dressing, friends to lovers)

eXtreme Homecoming by Jennah Scott
(contemporary, military men, reunited, tattoos)

Faire Play by Chris Cox
(contemporary, BDSM light, voyeurism, dubious consent)

Falling For You by Matthias Williamson
(contemporary, sweet/no sex, men with pets)

Fighting Dirty by Olley White
(historical, other world, slow burn/UST, enemies to lovers)

Five Dates by Amy Jo Cousins
(contemporary, age gap, slow burn/UST)

Fleece, Fleas, and Flirtation by Ava Penn
(fantasy, mythical creatures, gay for you)

Fly Like an Eagle by Cherie Noel
(contemporary, friends to lovers, alien-race shifters)

For Want of a Nail by MA Ford
(contemporary, college, British, coming out, sweet)

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