LL Anthology Volume 7 ♥

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Volume 7-PDF

Table of Contents

Forever Under a Rainbow by Posy Roberts
(contemporary, friends to lovers, online dating, coming out)

The Fourth Act by LE Franks
(contemporary, coming of age, coming out, first time, no HEA or HFN)

Foxes Over Flowers by J. Colby
(contemporary, paranormal, blue collar, shifters, slow burn)

From the Ashes by Leah Miranda
(contemporary, friends to lovers, anxiety disorder, sweet/no sex, humorous)

Game On by Olley White
(contemporary, friends to lovers, UST, geeks)

Geeking Out on 11C by L.L. Bucknor
(contemporary, age gap, opposites attract, smaller top)

Get Off My Case by Lisa Oliver
(paranormal, law enforcement, wolf shifters, gay for you, death of a secondary character)

Gravitational Force by C.M. Walker
(contemporary, new adult, college, barely legal, grief)

Gravitational Pull by Jill Prand
(contemporary, friends to lovers, teacher, infidelity, UST)

Guarded by Kim Fielding
(fantasy, enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort, prison/captivity, rape)

Guarding Dizzy by Casey K. Cox
(contemporary, virgin, sex-lite, very lite exploratory D/s scene)

Half Past Forever by A. Morell
(contemporary supernatural, immortal, soulmates/bonded)

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