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Adams, Kyle – Dirty Boys
Alan, Kim – Mission X
Allan, S. H. – Closure
Alexander, Vicktor – An Angelic Meeting
Alva, Sara – Pura Vida
Ames, Tam – Triple Jump
Ander, Lexi – Fated
Ander, Lexi – Playing for Keeps
Anderson, Ann – Bound by a Red Thread
Andrews, Hennessee – Rough in the Saddle
Andrews, Keira – Synchronicity
Anthony, C. J. – Letting Go
Archer, Lacie J. – Taking the Plunge
Austen, Elin – Old Stones
Belleau, Heidi – #First Impressions #Second Chances
Benedetti, Angela – The Executive Lounge
Bentham, Dev – Breathing Snow
Beyers, Mandy – Davin’s Guard
Birmingham, Anna – Straight Men Can’t Cook
Black, Brannan – Taken: A Northman’s Saga
Black, Lia – Worthy
Blake, Leta – Stalking Dreams
Boyd, A.L. – Crest Ridge Vacation
Brandon, Penny – Playing the Field
Brissay, Aimee – Floating On Air
Browne, Bette – The Candidates
Bucknor, L.L. – Making a Little Wrong Into Something Right
Caine, H.A. – Ares Purpose
Cassidy, JJ – Complicated
Cavallon, Dana – Redesigning Old Dreams
Chase, LC – Kiss
Clements, Wendy – Heart in a Bottle
Cochet, Charlie – An Intrepid Trip to Love
Cole, Gilbert – Per Ardua Ad Astra
Connor, Eden – Our Piece of the Sky
Cooper, William – The Meet
Cox, Chris – Meant to Be?
Dalton, Missouri – Winter Winds
Dare, Kim – Taken
Daube, Ashlyn – The Circle
Davitt, Jane – Life Drawing
de la Parra, Gabbo – The Road to Maryville
de la Parra, Gabbo – Tarnished Toys
de la Parra, Gabbo – Nor Sub Nor Dom
del Mar, Stephen – The Three of Us
Dennis, Nicole – One More Dance
Devon, Summer – The Tail of a Dog
Donovan, Taylor V. – Capital Loss
Downing, Mia – Back From the Past
Durreson, Amy Rae – The Lodestar of Ys
Easton, Eli – The Lion and the Crow
Ebulu, Allesandra – Seeing Lagos
Eller, SJ – Making It Happen
Fielding, Kim – Treasure
Fielding, Tia – Cherry Blossoms and Titanium
Forcine, Nicole – Smoky Glimpses
Franks, L.E. – Pride of the Veld
Freeley, Jessica – The Long Return
Fridge, Adrian – Roaming Canisters
Gala, Lyn – The Only Way Out Is In
Genao, Julio-Alexi – When You Were Pixels
Gisby, Annette – Learning to Dance
Goode, Sammy – Bring Him Home
Gordon, G.B. – In the Right Light
Gormley, Amelia C. – The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams
Grace, Aria – When It’s Right
Grace, Lily – Forever. I Promise.
Grant, Michelle K. – Open Arms and Open Eyes
Gray, Elinor – The Ideal Cut
Greene, Jack – Hard and Fast
Guiliano, CR – Three’s a Charm
Harper, Kaje – Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Hartsock, Dianne – Off Sides
Hayes, Kathleen – Falling Apart
Hayes, Kathleen – Pickup Lines
Heart, Valentina – Only Mine
Henry, Lisa – Falling Away
Hermit, Dani R.R. – Tinman
Holiday, Ellen – Brandon’s Laughter
Houle, MC – Lucky Panties
Hunter, Laylah – To Steal the Tithe
Islay, Kate – Finding Bigfoot
James, Isla – Daddy’s Boy
Jameson, Westbrooke – Nothing’s Missing Now
Jaye, Nico – BTW I Love You
Jones, Jenna – Corazón
Joseph, Les – A Fragile Love
Kadence, Sam – Double Exposure
Kallysten – A.S.H.E.R.
Keane, Danni – Right Hand Red
Kennedy, Cam – Carry On
Klein, K-lee – Las Palabras de Amor
Knight, J.H. – So Hot With Love
Lain, Tara – Love You So Hard
Lee, Suilan – Silver Ice
Lister, Elizabeth – Apartment 1209
Lorenz, Lynn – Smartass
Louis, Jinjur – When Karma Comes Knocking
Lowell, Kate – Sign of Spring
MacLagan, Ali – Off Guard
Manello, Sunne – Head Over Heels
Mar, Alex – No Boundaries
Marlowe, Finn – As He Watches
Mason, K. – One Week
McBride, Belinda – Red
McDonald, Anthony – Sailor Boys
McGrath, Kelly – One Love, One Mistake
McKenna, Jaye – Human Frailties
McKinley, Reece – Undeniable
Meade, S.A. – That Good Earth
Merikan, KA – In His Shoes
Michaels, Summer – Finding the Time
Mills, Lashley – Coasting East
Mist, Shayla – Doctor’s Puppy Love
Mitchell, Azza – Children of Fire and Clay
Nacht, Jackie – Ass Over Teacup
Nitely, Cheryl – B-Sides
Noel, Cherie – Quality Control
Nordwell, Alicia – Needing You
Nordwell, Alicia – When I Saw You
North, Vanessa – Jackson’s Law
O’Hare, Adara – Epimeliad
Parker, Madison – Deep in the Count
Pavelle, Kate – Fire and Water
Pavelle, Kate – Price of Silence
Pelaam – Ten Year H-itch
Petty, Joe – Resistance
Pierce, Arielle – In the Lonely Sea
Pike, Erica – Midnight Muffins
Plakcy, Neil – Creeling the Bridegroom
Prater, Wt – The Missing Pieces
Pyke, Jack – Lost In The Echo
Reyes, Ithra – The Menagerie
Ribbon, Madelein – Shooting the Curl
Ridge, May – Four Seasons With You
Rocci, J. – Radio Love Song
Rock, J.A. – The Brat Whisperer
Rogers, Gina – Routine Watch
Rorette, Naaju – From Don to Dom
St. Clare, Tielle – Three Part Harmony
Samms, Jaime – The Door at the End of Summer
Sanford, Mitch – Guarding Lucas
Sarge, K.D. – Running Deer and Hidden Badger
Scarlett, Willow & Speed, Andrea – Animal Magnetism
Schooler, Sam – The Practical Guide To Trying Not To Die
Schwartz, Kristina – Tempting Lucifer
Shaw, Erin – Sincerely, Terryn
Shire, Brandon – The Touch of Hope
Simmons, Travis – Killian’s Moon
Simon, Suzanne – No Getting Over You
Singer, PD – Scrum
Slayer, Megan – Great Catch
Snow, B. – The Idiots’ Tango
Sparrow, Kathryn – Loyalty Deserved
Spears, Tara – Six
Speed, Andrea – Cartoon Logic
Starr, D.H. – The Pilot and the Major
Struve-Dencher, Goesta – Oil and Water
Terson, Laurie – Hands-on Justice
Treadway, Jonathan – Love Has No End
Tripoli – What Comes to Hand
Vale, K. – Sticking It
Vaughn, Indra – Genie in a Beanie
Vaughn, Piper – Last First Kiss
Veldura, Tami – Baited
Ville, L.T. – Heart In Hand
Vos, Max – Anything For You Sir
Wade, Jenna – Strip, Please
Wade, Jenna – Transforming Us
Wadsworth, Deanna – Happy Endings
Walker, C.M. – Pledge Number Seven
Warren, Skye – Caged
Watt, Aubrey – Dance With Me
Webb, T.A. – Love on a Wing and a Prayer
Welsh, Missy – The Badass of His Dreams
Westfall, Eric Alan – The Song
Westfall, Eric Alan – Surrender
Whedon, Lucy – Change of Focus
Whitehall, Alex – An Adventure in Beginnings
Wilder, Penny – The Best Part
Williams, Parker – Lost Time
Winters, Eden – The Sentinel
Winters, Liz – Merger of Equals
Xanakas, Xara X. – The Five Times Raptor Messed With The Bull
York, Sara – Friends or Lovers?
Z., Cari – You Get Full Credit For Being Alive
Zagar, Victoria – Desert Rain
Zeoanne – Repair My Heart


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