The Bigger They Are by Kim Alan ♥

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The Bigger They Are-Alan - Jutoh

A young, very nicely built man is sprawled on his back, legs held open by the man beneath him― the man whose large (too large) cock is bulging as they attempt to make it fit into the first man’s smaller (too small) opening. Though the man on top is wincing, he’s clearly determined to take it. His lover takes care though, strong enough to support the smaller man’s weight and control their rate of impact.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

This is the man I love above all others. I want him to be happy; if not with me than with someone― anyone else.

He doesn’t believe he’s worthy of love so he engages in reckless behaviors. I want most of all for him to find peace so that he’ll find that love. 

I want this story to be a contemporary with a definite HEA. Other than that as long as it’s sexy & hot, I’m happy. Thanks!



Tags: BDSM, spanking, discipline, Daddy kink, age difference, size difference, first time, multiple partners, multiple orgasms, rimming, cum play
Word Count: 33,892

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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