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All I Ever Wanted-Lewis - Jutoh (P1)

Two men, both dressed in tuxedos, are standing alone around the back of a church. They are kissing and holding each other close. The taller man has his arms wrapped around the smaller man’s waist, while the smaller man is leaning into the kiss and reaching out for his partner.

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Dear Author,

There is a man that I’ve longed for, for a really long time. Growing up I saw him constantly, and even throughout college he has been part of my life. Why have I not approached him? Well, he’s my older brother’s best friend. And I think he’s been in love with my brother for as long as I’ve been in love with him. Now, on the day of my brother’s wedding to a woman, my love interest will have to stand by my brother and watch him start a life with someone else. How can my brother not see what he’s going to be losing? What can I do to help my crush?

Please HEA and include the scene depicted in this photo somewhere in the story (whoever the characters are). Lot of fluff is preferred (and sex scenes if you want). 



Tags: friends to lovers, sweet/no sex, fluff, weddings, set in England, HEA, brother’s best friend
Word Count: 16,289

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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