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Forever Under the Rainbow-Roberts Jutoh

Two men walk hand in hand along a trail. It’s obvious one man knows the way through the field of native grasses, and the man who is a half step behind trusts his partner but might be apprehensive about the situation or where he’s being led. They appear to be talking in intimate tones. They touch from fingers to forearms as they head toward the horizon.

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Dear Author,

I just came out to my best friend and she encouraged me to open myself up for love. Not knowing where to begin looking for another guy to meet (I’m not the club-going type) I went online and registered a free online dating profile. A lot of people there only wanted sex, but I was still a virgin and didn’t want my first time to be with any random guy. I am a hopeless romantic and was looking for love. I was honest about what I was looking for and had some nice chats, but whenever HE went online, I ignored all other messages. We talked the nights away, getting to know each other and not trying to get in each other’s pants. We built a meaningful connection and it wasn’t long until we spoke on the phone and decided to meet. Dinner, a walk in the park, stolen glances and accidentally bumping into each other. A perfect date we didn’t want to end. When I was home the first thing I did was checking the site and he was waiting for me. I called him, we talked for hours and I knew it was a terrible idea, but I confessed that I might be falling for him. Couldn’t stop myself. He said he felt the same way. The happiest moment in my life. We had many great dates, talked about all the important things – the possibility of kids, marriage, being out. Everything seemed perfect and possible. Then we planned our first time, both nervous and exciting and realized we were both exclusive bottoms. I might be a virgin, but I could never see myself being the top. I craved something different, the same thing he wanted and needed. Please give us a HEA, because our love should conquer every obstacle and even though we will never allow a third into our relationship, I love him and need us to find a way to be enough for each other.


Marc F

Tags: medical personnel, businessmen/lawyers, friends to lovers, self-acceptance, online dating, sex roles, compromise, coming out, almost perfect for each other
Word Count: 22,477

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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