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A bird, the size of an eagle with feathers the color of fire is about to land on the leather glove of a warrior. Flames drip from his tail and the bearded, brown-haired man stares straight ahead. His eyes show his amusement, or is it more? Dressed in the armor of his profession, the man is a professional soldier, or royal guard.

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Dear Author,

I never knew the day I rescued the injured phoenix that it would create such a large change in my normal run of the mill guardsman’s life. After all how was I supposed to know he was a mage shifter and I was to become his warrior to own.



Tags: swords and sorcery, shifter non-wolf/cat, mythical creatures, mage, bonded
Word Count: 26,947

As always – to Mike and ‘lil q. Forever will never be long enough.

Thanks to Tali for the great beta comments, to Julie and Lorraine for your editing skills, and to Lily for the awesome cover art.

Special thanks to the M/M Romance moderators and volunteers. This is an amazing event and I’m still in awe at the work you’ve done to make this so happen.

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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