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TOUCHING NARCISSUS - Fessenden - P4 - Jutoh

The picture is of the Brewer Twins. One is sneaking up behind the other, putting his hands over his brother’s eyes. They’re both shirtless, and it appears to be nighttime.

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Dear Author,

They say everyone has a doppelganger out there and I have found mine. He is beautiful, he is perfect, he is… me. The mirror image of myself in every way and I want him. I think he wants me. I pretended to be someone else online and planned a blind date/hook up for him, for us, telling him every detail of will happen. I told him when he got to the destination to take off his shirt and wait. Will he accept or reject me when he sees me, himself, reflected back when he opens his eyes?

Please give us our story. Tell me what happens and where we go from here. An HEA/HFN is fine. Kink/BDSM is fine. (Please no sci-fi or paranormal and nothing alien.)



Tags: doppelganger, obsession, grad student, businessman, deception
Word Count: 13,887

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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