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Taken From Him-Nacht Jutoh

An extremely handsome, lean, muscular man with black hair stands with his hands overlapping and his eyes downcast. Around his neck is a stunning necklace of silver and rubies that trail down to the top of his abdomen.

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Dear Author,

I am the ever obedient pet of the Vampire King. I live only for him and though he is harsh to me in the presence of others, he never fails to let me know how much I really mean to him in private. I know his cruelty is only to stave off his enemies. Something I am more than happy to play along with because I would never want to be the thing that is used against him.

You see, I am a bastard mutt, born from a human woman and passing vampire father, the lowest, seen as dirty by the ‘true’ vampire community. Neither accepted by humans nor vampires. I was left to die as a child, unwanted by my mother but somehow I survived on the streets and through a miracle, was found by his highness as I finally lay dying on the side of the street over two years ago.

I’m soon to be 28, an age in which he feels will be the time to make me a full vampire. I ache for that day to come, for though I age slower than a mortal I will still grow old and die, while he will continue to live on. I am glad, after many fights, he has agreed to make me his and turn me so we can be together in immortality. I do not need to be accepted by his coven, though they’d probably treat me better once I am fully vampire, I just want to be with him forever. I am his whole world and he his mine.

One day I am taken from him, someone close to him has betrayed him and knows his only weakness is me, and though I am hurt and they continue to hurt me for information that will never be theirs, I do not fear death. For I know he will come, because there is something they seem to have forgotten… The way he was before he found me. Ruthless and unforgiving. The epitome of Evil. Their world will crumble before his wrath. For ever daring to betray him, I, for one, can hardly wait to see their fear when he comes to annihilate them all. Snuffing them out like death itself. He may have a weakness in me, but he is still the millennium-old Blood Lord.

Death is coming…

Please, tell my story of love, survival and eternity. 



PS. Please be a HEA! The only must! lol…
Hoping for modern time… though if it doesn’t fit with how you see the story, I am more than Ok with any changes! <3
Thank you so much! Other than HEA, pretty much anything goes! I’m not really picky! <3 heh…

Tags: vampires, immortal, abduction, captivity, revenge, HEA, coven/secret societies, dark and gritty, hurt/comfort, soulmates
Content Warnings: graphic violence, torture
Word Count: 10,217

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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