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Bound-Bishop (P4) - Jutoh

A thin man, wearing only underwear, lies on his side in a low bed with a thin mattress. He appears to be sleeping, though daylight streams in through a window above him. No blanket covers him. A bottle sits on the floor by his side.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

When I was told I would never walk again and would be stuck in a wheelchair the rest of my life something inside me broke. I put up a cold and tough front to keep everyone at arm’s length; it’s easier that way. No one could ever love a man whose body is covered in scars, whose legs will never work again, who’s lost himself.

** This story can be m/m or m/m/m. I want this story to have a BDSM theme with the man in the wheelchair as the sub. And it would be nice to have more than one POV but is not necessary. An HEA/HFN is a must. Thank you.



Tags: accountant, BDSM, disabilities, grief, hurt/comfort, physical therapist, switch, wheelchair
Word Count: 21,487

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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