Children of Fire and Clay by Azza Mitchell ♥

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Children of Fire and Clay - Azza Mitchell - J copy

A picture of the torso of a naked young man with a collar around his neck attached to a leash and his hands tied behind his back.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

Small town boy. Big city college. It’s my first year and I never thought he would be my roommate. We started out friends, studying late nights and hanging out. He never made a move. Not until after Christmas.

I loved that first kiss. Sweet, gentle. But days after, something strange happened. I ended up like this. Writhing in these chains, I succumb to his every command.

I only hope he doesn’t realize who (or what) I really am. What happens if I can’t hold back the truth?

Must be supernatural that is not vampire or shifter. I’d love to have some suspense or thriller. Hot sex, yes. BDSM yes, but nothing super extreme. Bonus points if they switch in the scene(s) (no absolute top/bottom relationship). HFN is okay. Bittersweet is too, but there has to be some sense of happy at the end (no character death).

Anything else is author’s choice. Have fun! 😀


Azalea Moone

 paranormal, urban fantasy
Tags: light BDSM, supernatural, college, slavery
Content warning: dub-con
Word count: 10,830

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