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Coasting East Mills

Two twenty-four-year-old boyfriends getting ready to play a game of football with their friends stand with their backs to the camera. The man on the left is wearing a red T-shirt with “MINE 02” written in large white letters across the back. The man on the right has a backward baseball cap, is wearing a red T-shirt with “MINE 01” written across his back, and is playfully grabbing his boyfriend’s ass with his entire hand.

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Dear Author,

These guys have been together since they lived on the same floor their sophomore year of college four years ago. Real life and adult jobs keep them busy and stressed all week. They look forward to getting together with Brandt and Todd, their best friends, every Sunday afternoon to have some fun and play a game of football at the local park. A little exercise and a lot of razzing is good for them all but they’re tired of hearing words like “gay, fag, and queer”, even if they don’t say them with menace. Brandt and Todd don’t know about them so they’ve devised a plan. They’re going to wear their new shirts to the park this Sunday and then they’re going to kick some ass on the field. They just hope their friendship survives.

I see this as being fun with lots of banter. Hope someone can see their story too and write it for me!



Tags: best friends in love, established couple, coming out, love making, group of friends, sports
Word count: 32,522

Author’s Note
This story, Coasting East (North Shore Series #2,) is the stand-alone sequel to the story, North of Sure(North Shore Series #1.) You do not have to be familiar with North of Sure to enjoy this story.

To the LGBTQUIA community at large and its supporters― thank you for your strength and for being who you are.

And to you, the reader, thank you for reading.

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