Creeling The Bridegroom by Neil S. Plakcy ♥

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Creeling The Bridegroom - Plakcy

The photo I chose showed two handsome young men― one in a suit, the other in a kilt. They both have rosebuds in their lapels, and they’re kissing as well as clasping their hands together. The background looks like a garden, and all these elements together made me think of a wedding.

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Dear Author,

We’ve been through a lot over the years. We’ve known each other since we were young and though we’ve had our troubles we’ve managed to stay together. My parents never approved of him because my dad was rich and famous and he wasn’t. Please tell me how we got to this moment and what’s happened in our lives.

*With this prompt you can pretty much do what you like, angst is welcome (even encouraged) and so on. If you want to do BDSM or something kinky, that’s fine but please don’t make it the central focus of the story. I just want to know how these two got together.



Tags: Scottish men with kilts, Florida, first time, angst, reunited, weddings
Word count: 11,786

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