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As He Watches - Marlowe

A handsome young man, wearing only tight boxer-briefs pulled slightly down to bare his buttocks, stands at a window, hands flat on the glass, his well-defined muscles on display. It’s early in the morning, overcast, but the man’s not looking outside, he’s facing the camera. His expression betrays many emotions, a shy wariness, annoyance, a touch of hurt, and perhaps a little anger. He’s stunning. You can’t look away. That expression beguiles― what does it mean?

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Dear Author, 

“For now, you stay where I put you.” 

That’s the first thing he says to me after I undress, when he presses me up against the glass and positions me just so. I’d ask him to tell me more, but he’s got a fetish for self-denial, and if I push I might not get to touch him at all. That’s the last thing I want.

The thing is, I don’t have to listen to him. What we do together, it’s completely voluntary and pretty undefined. We set up a meeting, he gives me directions, I obey. He’s not paying me, not coercing me, and he knows if he tried to do either I’d be gone. We didn’t meet in a club; it’s remarkable that we met at all, when we live in two very different worlds. He likes to look, to touch, but he almost never gets off. I like the feeling of his eyes on me, I like doing all the things he says, but I want more. How do I push the boundaries when I barely know what they are?

**Look at the challenge in that man’s eyes. He wants something, but he might not even be sure what it is. How is he going to get it, and who is he looking at? What I’m really looking for here, author, is an exploration of power dynamics. It doesn’t have to be explicitly D/s or BDSM, you can use your discretion when it comes to the depth of the relationship between the main characters, but I’m looking for the explanation of an enigma. Something off the wall, something different. Whatever else it may be, this is not your typical romance. Contemporary is my preference, but if a different genre is speaking to you, run with it. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Cari 🙂

Tags: athletes, underwear fetish, humiliation, illness/disease, atonement, masturbation, orgasm denial
Word count: 24,889

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