Cruel to be Kind by Kim Dare ♥

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Cruel to be Kind-Dare - Jutoh

A naked man lies on the floor in a dark space. He has a muscular build and several tattoos. A light shines down on him from above. He appears to be deep in thought and is holding one hand up so the light shines through his fingers.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

I would like a TPE tale. I’d like the characters to have some depth and this lovely boy looks to be a bit melancholy about something. I LOVE angst! There isn’t much on the BDSM spectrum that I don’t enjoy, but I beg of you no scat. I’m not picky about the setting-dystopian, paranormal, contemporary, tentacles whatever.

Blow my mind please. 🙂



Tags: vampire, BDSM, paddling, friends to lovers, bondage, dominance, submission, masturbation
Word Count: 10,788

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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