Knight in Shining Cowboy Boots by Thianna D ♥

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Both wearing jeans and bare-chested. Man on the left is kissing the man on the right’s cheek. Man on the right is glaring into the camera while he keeps a tight hold on hands that are at his hips.

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Dear Author,

How the hell did this happen, again?

It was just supposed to be a summer job as a ranch hand, something to get him by before he started his last year of college; and yet here he was half-naked, his cheek being caressed by a velvet tongue, and staring questioningly at the man who had forced him into this mess to begin with.

The ranch foreman licked his lips as he watched them through the viewfinder of the camera. He took note of the restraining hand that was keeping the other man from caressing the one watching him with hooded eyes. He remembered the day that the bright eyed freshman with a brand new tattoo had come to the ranch looking for an “internship”. Damn city-folk and their hair-brained ideas, but the kid hadn’t given up. So the foreman had given in this year, on one condition…

I’m not picky. PWP, fluff, angst. Whatever you wanna do with it. (Please ignore the text on the the picture, I couldn’t find a version with no text >.< )



Tags: cowboy, drag queen, in the closet, flamboyant characters, adult film, turning a straight guy gay
Content warnings: dub-con
Word Count: 5,407

Author’s Note 
When I received this wonderful little prompt, I had a slight idea of how the story would go. But as always happens when I start a story, the characters have their own ideas. What started out as a small story quickly built into a novel. At over 100k, it is not finished. Realizing I would not get it done and edited within the span of time needed (as when I write a novel it gets put away for 3 months before I can look at it and start re-writing), I elected to take one of the scenes from the novel and write it in a different POV. So, once the novel comes out, you can find out Corrigan’s take on this scene.

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