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DOGWATCH - Kelly - P3 - Jutoh

A black-and-white photo of four seamen lounging on a ship. Two of the sailors are looking off into the distance, while the other two are looking at each other. The photo was taken in what looks like the early fifties, perhaps during the Korean Conflict.

See the photo here

Dear Author,

That’s me in the middle, I’m a city kid tossed on a boat in the 50’s. I got the one job everyone hated, cooking. I started out low man on the totem pole, till they saw what I could do. Then I got fans and now I’m the happiest seaman on the ocean.

Tell me how I got there and what I did that made them like me so much, and which of us didn’t make it home.

Light D/s is ok, but please no major BDSM. Wanting a romance but I’m not sure which one. Probably the guy behind him.



Tags: action/adventure, sailors, Korean conflict, navy men, masturbation
Content Warnings: there is some violence (the aftermath of an explosion at sea), but it’s not overly graphic.
Word Count: 7,011

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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