From Acid to Ashes by Enne Karina ♥

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From Acid to Ashes - Jutoh

A dark-haired man lay naked in bed with his sheets tangled around him. His face is contorted into an expression of agony. He is screaming in his sleep. All around, phantom arms reach out from the bedding to grab and claw at his body.

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Dear Author,

It’s weeks since I last slept. The same nightmare each time I try. They come for me, their ice cold fingers pressing into my skin, holding me down. I sense something coming, and wake screaming.

Am I possessed, haunted, going mad? I know one thing, I can’t go on. I need help, but where do I turn?

HFN will be fine. No vampires though please.



Genre: urban fantasy
Tags: magic, macabre/dark, angst, law enforcement, nightmares
Content Warnings: gory and bloody, mentions of childhood abuse, violence
Word Count: 75,354

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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