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Geeking Out 11C-Bucknor - Jutoh

A guy with golden skin, washboard abs and a scruffy, sexy grin is staring off into space. He looks like he’s thinking about something hot as he lifts up his sleeveless shirt.

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Dear Author,

Mateo is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. He lives in my building, but I didn’t think he would ever notice me. I’m shy, I’m a geek and I’m probably too old for him. The other day he passed me in the hall and winked at me. Of course I completely clammed up, blushed and rushed by him. I can’t even say hi to the man without being completely flustered. But I can’t get him out of my mind.

Requests: Contemporary, age difference, opposites attract, some humor and smexin’ would be nice, HFN or HEA.


Valerie C

Tags: age gap, opposites attract, smaller top, geeks, men with pets, blue collar
Word Count: 14,504

Thank you to everyone that I pestered about Edgar. Many thanks to the MMR Team!

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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