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HFF-Morell - Jutoh

Two men huddle naked in shadows, one perched on the edge of a seat and the other kneeling between his spread knees. The seated man is faceless in the dark, but his hands lie tenderly on the back of the kneeling man’s neck and shoulder.

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Dear Author,

This man I’m kneeling before isn’t someone I know well, matter of a fact we only met three days ago. Yet he tells me something that’s hard for me to believe, he tells me he is immortal. That’s not all though he seems to believe I’m the man he has dreamed about for thousands of years, that I’m his mate. The more I think about it the more I believe, well I believe that he isn’t exactly human I’m not so sure about the mate part. Still I can’t imagine what’s supposed to happen now.

Requests: please; have story taken place in current time period 2014, Tell how they met, characters in late twenties early thirties, No instant love but should be a happy ever after.



 contemporary supernatural
Tags: immortal, folklore, stripper, soulmates/bonded
Word Count: 14,698

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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