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Two naked men lying on a bed; the smaller one on top of the bigger one, his head resting on the other man’s chest. The man underneath has his arms up around his lover. There is the hint of a white fluffy rug covering them from the hips down. The two are obviously lovers and are at peace with each other.

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Dear Author,

He was my nemesis all through school. I was the gay kid who he treated as contagious. Now I’m a successful detective, and he has just transferred in to my Police Department. Everyone knows I’m gay, but I’m a damn good detective so no one says anything. I refuse to be bullied again, and I’m not giving up the career I’ve fought so hard for.



P.S. How did they go from the above to the picture? I’m looking for GFY and enemies to lovers. Hot sex and a HEA is a must!

Tags: detectives, law enforcement, wolf shifters, gay for you, enemies to lovers, first time, bonded/mates, mystery
Content Warnings: death of a secondary character
Word Count: 22,102

Thank you to the M/M Romance Group at Goodreads for putting this event together. A huge thank you also to Isla for her lovely letter, and to Stephanie for her skills as beta reader and editor.

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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