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GUARDING DIZZY - Casey K Cox - (P5) - Jutoh copy

Two young men lounge comfortably on a couch. One wears a collar and leash, has his shirt open and his jeans undone, the second smaller man leans against him with the leash in his hand. He wears a waistcoat and shirt with a silk bow at the neck and kisses the fingers of the first man.

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Dear Author,

The picture above is of two younger guys; high school- or university-age. They are both smart. The one lying down is a delinquent (looks can be deceiving!). The only one who can keep him under control, and who he listens to, is the one sitting up with a collar on. They had heard of one another but never met until that fateful day… How did they meet? Did they get along at first or did they grow on each other? How did they end up on the couch with a leash and collar? Perhaps, it was a dare at first, but it blossomed and opened them both up to a new world… of fun

I would like a HEA/HFN ending. No cheating either.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: university/college, virgin, sex-lite, sexual exploration
Content Warnings: very lite exploratory D/s scene (no full sex)
Word Count: 19,419

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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