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Hands On Justice - Laurie Terson - J copy

Two naked men lie facedown on a flat rock, the man on top has his left arm on top of the lower man’s head. The lower man has both hands under his head. The upper man may be restraining the lower man, preventing him from escaping.

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Dear Author,

He used to be a damn good agent until he threw it all away. He’s been on the run for two years, but we finally pinned down his location. They sent me to bring him in. I’ve got him, but he’s fighting me every step of the way. He won’t go in willingly, and I won’t go without him. Oh, and I’d really like a gun fight between them at some point…

A couple of notes: No ménage or paranormal please. A little D/s is ok (perhaps even encouraged) but no hardcore BDSM. HEA not required, but at least a HFN would be nice.



 action, contemporary
Tags: law enforcement, bounty hunter, outdoor sex, enemies to lovers
Content warnings:
 some graphic violence
Word count: 20,135

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