I Spy Pecan Pie by Anna Birmingham ♥

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I SPY PECAN PIE - Birmingham - Jutoh (P1)

A lean and muscular man with dark hair and tattoos on his chest and shoulders stands in a large bucket. He is naked and soaping himself all over, paying particular attention to his crotch.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

See him? That’s Justin. He hasn’t been working here long and I’ve been too shy to approach him so far. Since I do all the cooking here on the ranch I only see him at mealtimes and I’ve been trying to find out what he likes so that I can make it especially for him. I have some great friends here who are surprisingly encouraging and open minded. They’ve been trying to help me out (without being too obvious of course, which of course means they are being ridiculously obvious). They mean well, but I might be better off with less “help”.

Justin is very sweet and always polite, he was definitely raised well but I have a feeling he’s been on his own for a long time, too long. I don’t know his story, but his eyes just look so sad sometimes and it breaks my heart. I think he might be interested, but I know sometimes I can seem intimidating. I’ve always been taller and bigger than most of the other guys here and being that I’m also the cook, most people don’t know really know what to make of me. It kind of keeps me from approaching guys I’m attracted to and I don’t want to make the same mistake with Justin. It’s not like a get a lot of chances to meet many available men and Justin is someone special, I just really don’t want to screw this up.

We’ve been dancing around the attraction for a while now (at least in my own mind) and I’ve been working up my courage to see if Justin wants to spend some time with me away from the ranch. I finally have a whole “date speech” planned and I head out the back door, around the barn and what do I see? Justin in all his wet and soapy glory. Needless to say, I forgot my speech.

Can you help me with what happens next? I need your words to help me work up my courage through some clumsily romantic moments that may not always work out, but where I have the best of intentions? One of my biggest weaknesses is Justin’s voice, his husky southern drawl does me in every time he opens his mouth.

Culinary shenanigans, a big guy who likes to bottom and the dirty talk are encouraged. An HEA would be a huge plus because these guys deserve it.

Thank you!


Tags: cowboys, light-hearted, pie, slow burn, misunderstandings, pie, overly helpful friends, pie
Word Count: 13,266

Firstly, a big shout out to my wonderful beta readers ― Jane, for all your great ‘picky ticky’ advice, how to speak cowboy and endless encouragement, and to Ren, for everything Alabama, lessons on accents and being a very useful petrol-head (or whatever you call it in the South…) Thanks also to Ann for a fabulous prompt and introducing me to Justin. And finally to all the organizers of Love’s Landscapes. Y’all do a great job!

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