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Making It Happen - Final

A black-and-white photo displays two young men. One of the men is standing, holding his shirt up to expose a toned chest. His “artistically” ripped jeans are opened, and the second man kneels in front of him, his hands reaching to pull the pants down. He too is toned, his hair cut close to the head and some scruff lining his jaw. He looks up at his companion who is holding the back of his head, anticipation palpable from beyond the screen.

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Dear Author,

We’ve been best friends forever, and I feel like I’ve loved him for just as long. He told me he’s leaving because he’s afraid he’s holding me back from finding my true love― how can I convince him that I already have?

Thank you for telling our story,


Tags: farmer, college, established couple, grief, reunited, tear jerker, family, a dab of wit and a touch of humor (to make the world go ’round)
Content warnings: brief mention of past animal abuse (not by the MCs― and one of them puts a stop to it ASAP), death of a secondary character
Word count: 13,322

I am so incredibly grateful to each and every member of the LHNB team. You all rooted me on throughout this, and for that, I thank you. A very special thanks goes out to my beta, Barb, who worked tirelessly with me and put up with my momentary freak-outs, as well as to Melanie, who along with Barb, let me know that this story was worth writing (and not a total train wreck). This wouldn’t have been possible without you two!

To the LHNB team for all your hard work and to Laura for providing such a lovely prompt.

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