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Puckish-Hill - Jutoh

A man is sitting at a table in a café, working, a book open in front of him. He has tea and food as well. Another man is walking in.

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Dear Author,

It’s safe to say that if I had picked any other café that day to stop into, my life now would be completely different.

Different, saner, less dangerous BY FAR, and… less… less thrilling, less exhilarating, less intoxicating, less… alive… less… whatever it is that he is. The bastard.

He says it was random. That he just lucked out that the one café, the one table, the one seat that was chosen was mine.

I don’t know if I believe him though. Of the few things that I’ve learned in the short amount of time we’ve been forced together (NOT my idea), it’s that there’s nothing random about him.

In my new turned-around world, he has become the most steadfast presence. The one thing that, no matter what, I don’t want to lose.

Maybe if we survive through this… Maybe I’ll tell him.


ttg, a humble reader

P.S. What I like: I love adventure romance― action, spies/detectives/magic/pirates/fantasy/urban fantasy/Romancing the Stone, and/or whatever and all of the above. So I would love it if you took this letter and went to town in whatever fun, creative, exciting, romantic way that you wanted. Would love some kind of happy ending (HFN, HEA, whatever.) Sexy times are fine, although not necessary, and up to you.

What I hate: Am not a fan of dark grim unhappy stories, and really dislike non-con and torture.

Thank you!!! 😀

 urban fantasy
Tags: action/suspense/adventure, magic users, fae/fey/faeries, fairytale/folklore, sweet/no sex
Content Warnings: character death
Word Count: 11,384

Author’s Note 
Along with the quote at the beginning, the titles for chapters 1, 3, and 5 come from Lewis Caroll’sAlice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, the title of chapter 2 is from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and the title of chapter 4 is from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. All of these works are in the public domain.

Thank you to the moderators of the M/M Romance Group for hosting this event and doing such a great job organizing it, and thank you to the volunteers who made it possible.

Thank you ttg for your great prompt, I hope I did it justice.

A thousand thank yous to Maxime Deas-Mhumhain for the gorgeous cover he made! You, sir, are so ridiculously talented. Thank you.

Thank you to my beta readers: Gaelyn, without you, this would probably still be a mess. Love you, you noodnik! And Claire, thank you for pushing me and asking me questions I didn’t ever think to answer, so I wouldn’t leave my readers hanging.

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