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Photo 1: Guy in his mid-thirties, short blonde hair, displaying defined muscly torso, his thumbs hooked inside his skimpy black briefs. His eyes are hooded, his expression tough and dangerous.

Photo 2: Guy in early twenties, dark complexion, open jacket, slim and well-toned, attractive, pouty, with dark, unkempt hair swept over his smouldering features.

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Dear Author,

I adore my baby brother and I try not to meddle in his life but since our parents are halfway ‘round the world’, looking out for him is up to me and he is so unlucky in love, I can’t help it. Guys are always taking advantage of his kindness and generosity (okay, gullibility). Yesterday, I saw him in a restaurant with this man, and I’m beside myself. Shall I send champagne or a walker? What’s a big sis to do? Yeah, this guy doesn’t look like he’ll take his money but what about his heart?

Note: brother is twenty-something, just very youthful-looking.

Fingers crossed,



P.S. I’d like a sexy, more light-hearted than angsty story.

Tags: humorous, age gap, pornography, models, gifted
Content Warnings: sexual language
Word Count: 12,565

Thank you to Shayla Mist, for a very thorough beta-read, edit and re-read, and to Kym for a great prompt and photo choice― it was fun! Thanks also to the LL team (mods, fellow authors and prompters) for the encouragement and camaraderie. Finally, huge thanks to the real Jorje, for sharing his fashion expertise (I guess I owe you after ribbing you mercilessly for the last eight months), and also to Matt, whose similarity to Photo #2 guy unknowingly made him muse for the weekend.

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