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THE COURT OF LIGHTNING - Amy Rae - (P4) - Jutoh copy

Two soldiers stand side by side in the mist. One, with dark hair and very pale skin, looks stern. He is dressed in black. The other, in a leather vest, is leaning on a post, looking more relaxed. He has white hair and darker skin. Despite their differences, the two are clearly friends.

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Dear Author,

I’m the one with the tattoos and white hair. I’ve been part of the King’s army for the past 10 years and for the last few I’ve been commanding a unit at the border beside my frigid friend here. I want to kiss the frost off of him but I’m not sure I’d survive once his shock wore off.

Can you help me please author? I’m dying over here!

Please no ménage, cheating, BDSM, or simpering virgins… THANKS!



Tags: spies/secret agents, action/suspense/adventure, magic users, friends to lovers, sweet/some sex, engineers, light violence
Word Count: 39,743

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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