Ten Year H-itch by Pelaam ♥

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Ten Year H-itch Pelaam

Photo Description:
The black and white photo shows two men, but only the man closest to the camera is in focus. He sits in bed, propped up on pillows, staring pensively at the camera. In the background, his partner reclines on the far edge of the same bed. His hand reaches for his lover’s nipple as he watches the other man intently.

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Story Letter:
Dear Author,

We’ve been together for ten years now and love each other very much. The stresses of daily life have gotten in the way and put a strain on our relationship. We don’t seem to spend the time or energy on our relationship like we should. Help us to find the spark we once had.


Story Info:
Genre: contemporary
Tags: established couple, light bdsm, teacher, medical personnel, hurt/comfort
Word count: 6,316

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