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Dawn of Darkness - Jutoh

A tall, thin man dressed in a navy blue and white hoodie, rides a black stallion in an outdoor arena lined with short hedges. The horse, accented with white polo wraps and black and white bridle, trots along the arena rail.

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Dear Author,

The man in this picture is extremely shy (he might have some social anxiety disorder? You decide) but also extremely intelligent. His only real contact with other people is with his (small?) family, and he uses his horse to fill in for the emotional contact that he misses. As a direct result, he is an extremely good dressage rider though most people at his barn think that his horse is wasted on him and he doesn’t ride at all. One day, someone (the love interest) else sees him riding and realizes that 1. He really is a good rider and 2. He should be competing. Conflict and romance ensue.



Tags: equestrian, MC going blind, ginger/red head, first time, self-discovery, family, competition
Word Count: 11,875

EVENT:Love is an Open Road

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