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Too Pretty-Stjerne - Jutoh

A young man stands with his eyes closed. He looks calm but confident. His long red hair is tousled by the breeze. His chest is thin and hairless over his jeans, where his thumbs are hooked in his pockets.

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Dear Author,

I hate it. I hated when this happened with strangers, but when it was someone I thought knew me it was even worse. I liked to wear my hair long, so what? Okay, my features are a little feminine and that green of my eyes is a bit intense, but I am way taller than most guys. I am 1.96m (that’s six feet, five inches) for God’s sake, how anyone can think I am a girl? I never thought of myself as a girl, I don’t wear female clothes, do I? How could have B thought me a girl? And we have been friends for weeks… I thought that I had finally found him, the perfect guy for me. How could I have been so wrong? Oh, I know how― these perfect, stormy grey eyes of him enchanted me, that perfect black hair made me forget my mind, and that body… oh, don’t he have the perfect body― so tall and muscular. Who could have thought that I will ever meet a guy taller than me? I have been used to being the tallest guy in class, always. ’Til I came here and met B. How could I have fallen for him so hard and so fast? It was not supposed to happen, because at the end of the day I have only one purpose― to kill.

So, basically, I want some sort of a paranormal romance. Yes, I am thinking that the MCs are still students (seniors in High school or they might be in college, authors choice). “B” is a replacement for a name. He is taller, black-haired, grey eyes and straight― can be human or not.

The MC is androgynous; a redheaded beauty with emerald-green eyes (pretty much got him from the picture, yes). He is NOT human but what he is is author’s choice― alien, cyborg, vampire, shifter (doubt that a werewolf will fit but maybe some feline shifter), angel, cambion, nephilim, some ancient god, you name it… Even though he is so tall, he is often mistaken for a girl; he is way stronger than a normal human and trained to kill. What powers he is supposed to have is also author’s choice (I guess that will depend on what he actually is). He is new in town and B makes a move on him, mistaking him for a girl. What happens after? The POV can be first- or third-person and it can follow any of the MCs or switch.

I think I forgot to mention that we need some bad guys. Who they will be and what they want I will leave to the author’s imagination. Only thing I DON’T want in the story is sexual abuse, past or present, pretty please. Everything else is okay.

I am sorry the letter became so long, I really hope that’s not a big problem.
Thank you so very much!



 contemporary, paranormal
Tags: paranormal/fire being, college, first time, friends to lovers, double gay for you, humorous, PTSD, depression
Content Warnings: violence/death of unnamed characters, alcohol: because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.
Word Count: 31,071

For Beulah Mae― you taught me so much about life.

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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