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Unexpected Homecoming - Jutoh (P6)

Two men in a pool, one man sitting on the other’s shoulders. A golden retriever stands in the water next to them. A house and trees are visible in the background.

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Dear Author,

After being dumped by his boss-lover and losing his job, Ben is forced to pack his stuff and his beloved dog and return home to stay with his Dad and grandmother. Ben is not too happy going back to the small-town since it has been his dream to get out of there.

Until Ben finds out that his high-school crush, Matt, is still around, now working as a town veterinarian. And to his surprise Matt is out and currently single. Now it seems that his own dog, his supporting Dad, and the rest of the nosy town residents, especially the elderly bingo-gang lead by his own grandma, are playing matchmaker for Ben and Matt. Guess going back to his home town might be the best decision for Ben after all.


MsMiz Tina

P.S. No BDSM. No homophobic or bigotry remarks. Some of the small town residents may not understand the “gays” but they should rally behind Ben and Matt simply because the boys are their own.

P.S.S. Feel free to change the name of the characters and create a fictional small-town.

Genre: contemporary
Tags: family, matchmaking, men with pets, past crush, small town, sweet/no sex, veterinarian
Word Count: 13,121

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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