Until Next Time by Xara X. Xanakas ♥

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UNTIL NEXT TIME - Xanakas - Jutoh (P3)

A nude man has been bound with dark red ropes and hung, inverted, from the ceiling.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

Fuck, this was supposed to be such a simple assignment. Get in, get the information and get the hell out. It should have been a piece a cake but I just couldn’t resist getting a closer look at the guy. There’s just something about him that sets me on edge. He was prey that I enjoyed stalking. Whether to kill or fuck I wasn’t sure. How the hell did he get the upper hand? Instead of being the predator I’m suddenly the prey. I may be bound, but I’m never helpless. It seems I may have finally met my match, and I’m going to enjoy teaching him a lesson he’ll never forget.



PS. I’m hoping for some rough angry sex with confusing and unexpected tenderness. It doesn’t need to be a HEA but a HFN would be nice. 🙂

Tags: bondage, private detective, criminal, abduction/stalking, two alpha-males, aftercare, excessive use of codenames, cat-and-mouse games
Word count: 5,263

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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