A Limited Offer by Robert Cage ♥

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A Limited Offer - Jutoh (P1)

A black-and-white photo of the bare back of a handcuffed male confined in the back of car.

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Dear Author,

It hurts. Hurts to know I was betrayed by someone so close to me. He wasn’t just a simple bodyguard, or an occasional lover, he was a friend. Someone I had actually been able to open up to and spill all my secrets to. Someone I foolishly thought could one day love me. Until the day I was woken by a police raid, and the man I had so recently slept with was reading me my Miranda rights and dragging me off in handcuffs. The pain and hurt I feel now won’t even begin to describe what I’m going to inflict on this man the moment his blue-blooded friends set me free.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: abduction, abuse, chauffeur, criminal activity, friends to lovers, masochist, rough sex
Content Warnings: graphic violence
Word Count: 10,846

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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