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The photo is of a hot nerdy guy. There’s really nothing more to it than that.

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Dear Author,

Do you laugh when you read a blurb about another book with an obscure animal shifter? Do you ever want to write a shifter story of your own but tire of those wolves and big cats and dragons? Well, here is your chance to write a character that changes into an animal your readers will be rushing to Google!

This man changes into one of these amazing creatures (your choice). Is he a timid African bongo, with graceful vertical horns? Is he a waddling capybara, who make some people giggle with mirth and others jump onto their dining room chairs at the sight of him?

Is he a civet, captured in an underground perfume trade? Is he a jerboa, with a tail longer than Princess Diana’s wedding train? Or a kinkajou, nicknamed Pooh-Bear for his love of honey?

Is he an okapi, who looks like he can’t decide what animal he is?

The story, barring a few specifications, is entirely up to you!

Story MUST:

-not take itself seriously (obviously!). Bonus points for humor!

-make this character nerdy/geeky/uncoordinated/whatever, as long as he’s uncool. And not poser uncool like a hipster… unless unbeknownst to him he’s cool because he’s so uncool, like a real hipster… nevermind. He’s an outsider among his kind, for whatever reason.

-not be bittersweet. HFN is fine.

-and no girl parts please!


Kyle Adams

Tags: shifters/non-wolf-cat, support group, comedy, geeks/nerds, self-esteem, heroes, animals, therapy, sweet no sex
Word count: 3,947

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