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Back From the Past - jutoh

He stands naked in hip-high water in a lake, gazing down as his hand dips beneath the surface in a ripple of muscle and grace. Damp, dark hair drips from his head, his dark-eyed gaze one of contemplation. He’s perfect in form, chiseled through the waist, his abs rippled, his chest broad and firm. However, as beautiful as he is there’s a vulnerable air about him that begs one to question how he got there.

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Dear Author,

This summer has been so incredibly hot. Sure, we used to get the occasional day or two of scorching heat, but lately it’s been unrelenting. For weeks now, I’ve been heading to the river every evening to find some relief, and yesterday I saw him. I know I should’ve walked away. I know I shouldn’t have watched… but I couldn’t help myself. He’s still as beautiful as he ever was. When did he get back?


I’m heading back to the river again today. Maybe I’ll have the courage to ask him why he left me without warning… why he broke my heart.



Tags: friends to lovers, cowboy, military, homophobia, illness/disease, reunion, disability
Word count: 12,446

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