Bird Meets Cage by Anyta Sunday ♥

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Bird Meets Cage-Sunday Jutoh

A man stares into the camera, a glint of magic in his dark eyes as he inhales his cigar making it sparkle like golden starlight.

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Dear Author,

He called himself Stardust, but one of my friends told me his name was Jean. I met him during the summer I worked at the cotton candy stand when the circus came through town.

He was made of big dreams, sunshine, and raw sense of being that I’d never known existed before him. His eyes were black as mud, his lips were the same color as the cotton candy I sold, and his smile could put a solar eclipse to shame.

He was everything I wasn’t. He was the first man I ever loved, and he left without me ever telling him that the way he looked at me broke my heart.

I’m older now, and even if that circus never comes through town again, I’ll still call him Stardust



Genre: historical (set in the late 40s and early 60s)
Tags: age gap, circus, reunited, acrobatics, musician, clown, trick riding, first love, big top, outdoor sex
Word Count: 15,965

Thank you to Teresa for content editing, Lynda for line editing, Averin and the LL team for proofreading, and Sunne and Vicki for beta reading the first rounds, and Jenni Lea and Mishyjo for helping me with the American terminology! I am grateful to you all for not only catching inconsistencies, but also giving me tips to make this a stronger story. And a special thank you to Natasha Snow for the awesome prompt AND for the lovely vintage cover art. Big hugs to you all.

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