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A lithe young man is suspended horizontally in the air by a long piece of red silk. He is naked apart from the silk which is wrapped around his hips. His curly, blond hair hides his face, and his upper body is slightly twisted away from the viewer.

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Dear Author,

Can you help…?

I watch him from the shadows. He is seduction. He casts his web of magic. Suspended high above, in this cavernous space, he seems untouchable, held in his own spell. Does he control the red silk or does it control him? Can he be lured from its web?



P.S. Please, a Contemporary setting, no GFY, would prefer no pnr/fantasy/sci-fi or other-worldly shenanigans; can be plot driven or porny, up to you.

Genre: contemporary
Tags: coming of age, coming out, first time, intern, performance arts, silk aerialist, suspense, theater
Content Warnings: no HEA or HFN
Word Count: 14,097

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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