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Blame the Fireworks - Jutoh

The photograph shows a black-and-white close-up of the face of a pretty, young man. His eyes are closed, and he appears to be sleeping, content.

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Dear Author,

My roommate’s brother is visiting again and sleeping on our couch. I tiptoe around and pray I don’t run into anything or cause a clatter that would wake him. All knees and elbows, that’s me― while he’s all strength and grace. Looking at him, I can’t help my wistful sigh. He’s beautiful, but that’s not it. It’s his gentle smiles and kindness. Unlike everyone else, he doesn’t treat me like I’m one stumble away from being declared a walking disaster zone.

Unfortunately, he also treats me like a kid brother. He ruffles my hair and calls me ‘kiddo’. I wish I wasn’t so awkward. I wish I was sexy so he’d want me the way I want him. I wish I was the one he dreamed about as he slept on the couch.

Dear Author, could you wave your magic wand to grant my wish? An HEA would be wonderful.


Jessa Ryan

Tags: friends to lovers, slow burn/UST, road trip, sweet romance, actor, internship/education
Word Count: 37,994

Dear Jessa, this is for you! =)

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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