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BTW I Love You Jaye

On a sunny day and surrounded by tall grass, a young man with medium-length red curls and wearing a fitted blue T-shirt embraces another young man with short dark hair from behind. The dark haired man, who wears a dark grey shirt, hugs the red haired man’s arm close to his chest. Their eyes are closed, and faint smiles linger on their faces. Their expressions reflect satisfaction and contentment. All is right in their world.

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Dear Author,

We got to know each other via the internet and did not meet until a year later. We’ve had a lot of complications, things getting in the way of our relationship, like the distance and people not believing that it could work, but we got through it. Now we’re on vacation celebrating my collage graduation and I think something exciting is going to happen!

What were the events that led up to this vacation? What is going to happen next? (No BDSM please, thank you!)



Tags: college, friends to lovers, geeks dorks, Internet relationship, long distance, chatty boyz, emoticon abuse
Word count: 18,937 words

A big thank you to the Goodreads M/M Romance group for hosting this wonderful event. Thanks also to Jane A. for the inspiring picture and prompt. Gratitude.

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