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An illustration in the style of Japanese manga artwork features a young Asian male, nude from the waist down, blushing in embarrassment as thick green plant tentacles hold him aloft, binding his arms behind his back and spreading his legs wide. A wide tentacle protruding from the center of a large pink blossom penetrates his anus. Three smaller yellow tendrils, also from the center of the flower, reach toward his erect cock.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

I can’t believe I let my cousin drag me to this party. He told me I was invited too, but that just can’t be right. This is the event of the year. Only the most important, wealthy, influential people are invited to attend, and I’m just a geeky little nobody…

So you can imagine how surprised I was when our names were checked off the list and we were ushered inside. Wow. This kind of thing really isn’t my style, but I have to admit that I’m impressed. But most of all, I’m intensely curious about our host. I’ve caught glimpses of him throughout the evening, mingling with all his well-to-do guests. But the chances of actually getting to meet him are pretty much nil. And now that I’ve seen him, that might not be such a bad thing. He’s not what most people would call handsome, but there’s something about him that’s pushing all my buttons. If I tried to talk to him, I’d probably just end up stammering and stuttering, and making a complete fool of myself.

That’s why, when my cousin made his move to join the crowd around our host, I decided to make my escape instead. Well, that and I was also bored to tears and intensely uncomfortable, standing around in my borrowed dress clothes, feeling like a complete outsider. So I decided to explore the grounds for a while, to kill the time.

HUGE mistake.

The big, beautiful greenhouse at the back of the property immediately caught my attention. The fact that it was locked? Pftt! No problem! I’ve got skills… which I’m now regretting. Why, you ask? Because this is what my nosey self has wandered into (see picture). Goddamned mutant alien plant, luring me in like a bee to honey with that enormous flower! This is not how I imagined my first time to be! How on earth am I going to get out of this? And did I just hear the sound of footsteps coming this way? I know I locked the door behind me, so who the hell is in here with me?

Someone who must have the key…

Oh… shit.

Please make his first time memorable and very pleasurable, dear author! Hot, erotic and very explicit is what I’m hoping for, with some strong, romantic overtones. (I don’t want straight-up porn/erotica). And it would be great if the host was to join in at some point, so we have a sexy threesome going on! In the picture he’s shocked, angry, and more than a little bit scared, but I’d like that to gradually change. But please do not include aphrodisiacs (from the plant or otherwise). I want him to enjoy what’s happening without any mind-altering drug/chemical coercion.

I love kinky sex content (obviously!), so whatever you want to include, in terms of kink, is fine by me! Just keep in mind that this is his first time, so anything too extreme would be a bit off-putting and very unrealistic, like massive penetration. But some sounding with the plant’s tendrils would be very hot!

I imagine this to be a futuristic setting, with a greenhouse full of strange, alien vegetation. The MC in the pic is Human, but maybe the host could be an alien species? (I do love interspecies pairings). But if you’d like to go with something different, that’s fine!

And please give this a HEA ending, or at least a strong HFN with the distinct impression that these two (or three? Haha!) are well on their way to having a romantic relationship.



Genre: science fiction
Tags: aliens, shifters (non-wolf-cat), interspecies, virgin sex, tentacle sex, ménage, m-preg, sounding, bonded mates, betrayal, HFN
Content Warnings: possible rape trigger (an alien does not understand it does not have the consent of its mate. It stops when commanded before anything more than non-consensual fondling occurs), dubious consent
Word Count: 25,518

I have to give a gigantic thank you to Lor Rose, who kicked my ass in beta and told me to make this story better, and by doing so, almost completely changed the story I ended up telling. There is more to the story than what is here, and yes, I’ll get around to telling the rest of it, someday.

Thank you also to C.M. Roberts for the amazing prompt that inspired the whole story, and to my other betas, Vicktor and Nox. And finally, thank you to all of the Goodreads M/MR moderators and volunteers who make this event what it is. I couldn’t have done this without all of you.

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