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Busted-Grey - Jutoh

A young man, naked from the waist up, is bound by handcuffs and chains. His face is hidden in shadow, but he looks relaxed and passive. Another man stands behind him, one hand on his chest, the other dipping into the waistband of his jeans. The lighting is harsh, against a dark background.

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Dear Author,

C’mon, he said.
Please? It’s not as if it’s hard work.
You know I’d always do it for you if you needed my help.
Please? I really need an assistant.

So now here I am. Trussed up… on display. All those things I said I’d never do. Well, at least what I always told myself I would never do. I just liked looking at this kind of thing. I didn’t really want to participate… Did I? Well if that’s the case, why am I more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life? And why do I feel as if I’ve finally come home? Especially with the way that super-sexy guy is looking at me.



Tags: gay for you, athlete, tattoos, photographic model, light hearted, hint of kink, businessman, student
Word Count: 16,723

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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